Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy 1 month!

Vir, it's been a month already since you came into our lives and we've been loving it! It's been very busy and it seems that the time is slipping by.

Nani is here with us and has been a huge help. I'd be so lost without her.

Nani and I have been switching duties to take care of you and Kabir so we can spend time with you both. While currently, you need general care and nurturing, K is in toilet training, so we've been managing it all together! Believe it or not, our days have been going away very fast, taking care of the boys we love! :)

Nani loves to pamper you and you two have a heart to heart every day! :)

Kabir has been helping out too and he loves all that he does. He has been handing me diapers, feeding you, patting you when you cry... If he had his way, he'd be doing much more! :) He is really sweet and is very proud to be a big brother! The first thing he tells anyone he meets, is that he now has a little brother! :)

If he hears you cry, he tells me to go to you first. :) He even tries to share his food with you and wants to hold you all the time. He is a sweetheart and I can't wait to see the two of you grow up together and be the best of friends!

I love you both very much and the best part of the day is the time that I share with you both together; whether it is playing, reading or just talking!

In general, this month, you've been mostly at home, a couple of times when you have ventured out, you have made it very clear that car seat is not where you want to be. I hope this changes soon.

At home you've been enjoying massages, warm baths, lots of pampering, play time, story time and  some deep conversations with Dad and K! So far, K does most of the talking but soon it would be you both...can't wait! :)

Sweetheart, you are a true blessing and are extremely precious! We all love you dearly!

Happy one month birthday, sweetie! :) I wish you the very best growing up and look forward to the new developments that will happen next month!

Lots of blessings and fond love!

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Navneet Kaur Ahuja said...

Stay blessed. Hugs and wishes,