Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy 2 months!

Vir, you are 2 months young today! How cool is that?!?

This month started with us celebrating your first Lohri!

Nani added a special touch by singing a song, I had always heard her sing while growing up. :)

As the month progressed, you became more alert. You have now been staying up longer between naps. It seems like you are already on a three naps a day schedule, of which the afternoon nap seems to be the longest.

You have been good about tummy time since the beginning and are now doing more of it without any compaints.

You have been spending some time in your swing but 10 mins. at a time is more than you can handle.

You continue to dislike the car seat, so last time I took you for your doctor's appointment, I gave you the pacifier and that helped. We have been putting you in the car seat at home, just to get you used to it. You don't like being tied up and unfortunately you have to be in this seat for 2 years. I know already these two years are going to be long and painful. :(

Your did wonderful during your 2 month check up. You are tracking well overall. Still low on the percentile trend but doing well otherwise. You gained a couple of pounds from your birth weight and also grew in height.

You have now been making coo-ing sounds. They get us all excited and we all imitate them. Kabir has the most fun imitating and gets so excited to hear them from you!

The love between you two continues to grow. Kabir is a very loving and caring big brother. He is always checking on you and gives you the sweetest kisses. He can't wait for you to grow up so you both can play together!

Nani continues to love and pamper you!

Look how Kabir jumps into her lap, the first chance he gets! So cute! :)

Story time is part of our every day routine. Not only do I tell you a story or two before your bed time at night, we also read books during the day and that's our shared time with Kabir.

Some of the titles that you have enjoyed so far are:
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar - This always makes you smile! :)
  • Good Night Moon
  • Ten Little Ladybugs
  • Eight Silly Monkeys
  • Giraffes can't dance
  • Dinosaur's day
  • Cool Cars
  • Tremendous Tractors and
  • Tough Trucks
Apart from the above books, my favorite book for you is Little You. Here are the lines from it just for you...they are just so apt!

Little you
little wonder
Little wish
gentle thunder
You are mighty
you are small
You are ours
after all
Little star 
with little wings
Let's all dance
let's all sing
You are life
and breath adored
You are us 
and so much more
Little ember
with growing light
Feel our love 
as we hold you tight
You are the birth of everything new
You are perfect
You are you!

Sweetie, you are the sweetest little thing, bringing joy to us each and every day! You are much loved by us all!

Stay happy and healthy, my love! Happy Birthday! :)

I look forward to what's coming next! :)


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