Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy 3 months!

Vir,  today you have completed three months! It's been great watching you grow and change!

You have become much more interactive. You have also been giving us your beautiful smiles which are heart melting and infectious at the same time! :)

You are quite a talker and it's a lot of fun interacting with you! Your coo-ing gets us all very excited!

You have been enjoying some play time where you move your arms and push your legs at great speed. You have been holding your head very well too!

You are also able to sit with support!

And of course a few mins in it causes you to tumble! It's cute! :)

Overall, you seem to be tracking well. However, I was rather sad to discover that you have started to show signs of eczema. We have been keeping you well moisturized which is helping keep the eczema under control.

The highlight this month was your first flight and first trip! We went to Atlantis, Bahamas  You did great in the flight by sleeping through most of it both ways!

At Bahamas, even though you were mostly in the stroller, you enjoyed the outdoors. You were always taken care of!

Kabir had the most fun. He was a happy child at the water park, who could stay without food and any complaint all day long!

He also had a great time at the aquarium, the beach and when he was just out exploring!

For the rest of us, we were just happy to be out in the warm weather and seeing Kabir enjoy, was the best thing of all!

O, Dad and I walked with the Sharks! It was very exciting and it sure was the highlight of our trip. Other than that, we did tubing et al! We all took turns so someone was always there with you! :)

It was an awesome trip for all! Can't wait to take you again when you are a few years older! :)

Soon after we got back, my maternity leave got over. It hasn't been an easy transition to say the least. I was in tears when leaving the first day and even now, I am sad when I leave every morning. My days have been long. Currently, Nani is here with us, so at-least I know you are in good hands when I am not around. Coming back home brings back smiles. It's just so nice to see you and Kabir.

You are a very peaceful and happy child. We are so fortunate! We love you a whole lot and Kabir is a proud big brother, who loves you and also loves to be like you! :)

Happy Birthday, sweetie and lots of love!


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