Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kabir turns 3!

Today was a big first born, my precious little boy, turned 3! It's so hard to believe how fast the time has gone by and Kabir is now an individual with the personality of his own!

How much I want to hold the time tight yet see him grow.

This year we decided to skip the big bashes we have had for him last two years and just spend the time with him doing the things he enjoys.

When I asked what he wanted for his birthday he said he wants a Shark cake! I was surprised as he doesn't have a sweet tooth and his last two birthdays he didn't even taste his cake. But since that's what he asked for, I had to grant his wish. The shark cake was ordered and when we got it today, it was perfect! Not only did Kabir love it, he ate it...what happened afterwards is a different story!

We made a weekend out of K's birthday and the celebrations started Friday night, with a dinner at Sisters Thai, a cute and very unique space, which has become a favorite!

We spent Saturday at the Air and Space Museum in DC and K enjoyed his time there so much that he wanted to spend the night there!

At one point, he was more interested in the cartoon playing on TV than anything else at the museum...go figure!

Last night, we filled his room with balloons to surprise him in the morning and guess what...he wakes up and goes straight to his grandma's room and asks "Nani, why are there so many balloons in my room? It's a big mess." There I was standing at the door, ready to hug him and wish him Happy Birthday but now gasping at his reaction to what was my idea!

Oh well, he still played with them and popped a few! :)

We spent the afternoon at the zoo...another one of K's favorite spots.

He sure was tired by the end of it and we saw him quietly sitting on a rock. :)

After we got home, it was time for him to cut the cake and open presents! :)

I asked Kabir if he had a good birthday and he said he did! :) We sure enjoyed spending the weekend with him celebrating another great year! I can't imagine my life without him even for a single minute. He's AWESOME and I love him so much! 

Thanks to all the family and friends for the birthday messages and gifts. It was really touching to receive the birthday cards, phone calls and presents. We are blessed to have you all and Kabir sends his many thanks and love to all! 

Kabir, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and a healthy and happy life always! I wish you grow up to be wise, smart and always stay inquisitive. I wish you all this and so much more. You are a gift from god and we all love you dearly!

Looking forward to all that the coming year holds! :) Much Love! 


Ankur Gupta said...

All the best, god bless u all

Rohit Kapoor said...

My Rockstar, Studd bhaanju :) :)

Lots of love from his fav mamu!!