Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy 4 months!

 Vir, it's unbelievable that today you have completed 4 months. Time is sure running fast and you are growing at an unimaginable rate.

You are starting to grab things now; be it your books, toys or our fingers.

You can also hold your bottle.

You have started to put your thumb in your mouth too.

You can now stand when we hold you. You have been pushing a lot and have been rolling to your side!

Dad put you in the high chair yesterday and you could actually sit for a little bit without falling!

All this is great progress!

We went for your 4 month check-up today and while everything looked good, your weight is on a much lower side of the percentile. I hope it picks up in the next couple of months.

This past month, you took your first long drive. It was to Allentown to visit Ammi's!

It was a great trip and you did great during the drive. We were a bit unsure on how it was going to go. What a blessing it is to get all that love! We are all very lucky! 

You also made your first trip to the Air and Space Museum and the Zoo; this was over K's birthday weekend.

And that's us celebrating K's 3rd birthday!

He's a big boy now who LOVES to play with you, hold you, kiss you and just be around you! :)

Kabir even tried to take a bath in the sink, just like you do! It was hilarious! :)

At night, you have been sleeping one good stretch of about 5 hours and then waking up every 2-3 hours. Here are a few of your right out of bed shots! :)

Another great month, Vir! You are surely getting cuter and we all love you very much! :)

O, you have been talking in baby language and recently sometimes what you say sounds like Mama! I love it!! :)

Happy Birthday, Sweetie and lots of love always!



Nirmal Upadhyay said...

veer ki 4th month blog dekha bhut pyara hai god bless all of u

Anonymous said...

Great shots!!! The big brother is going to take good care of the little one. Savor all these magical moments.