Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tender Two's begin!

Happy Birthday, Kabir! You are now 2!! Feels like you were just born. How I wanted to see you crawl, walk, talk... and now you are doing all of that and much more and now it feels like it is all happening too fast! :)

These have been the most amazing years! You have brought so much happiness in our lives that it is hard to pen it down. We love you so very much and wish you the VERY best in the years to come!

So, how did you celebrate your big day?!?

By opening presents! You enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper off and were pleased with what was inside! :)

Believe it or not, the whole family decided to gift you a bike. Dad and I bought one, Rohit Mamu, Bua and Sumit Mamu also bought one each. So you now have 4 bikes!!!! Pick your color and ride! :)

After you were done opening presents, you helped water the plants with Tita while the rest of us were prepping for the party! You're getting to be a great helper! :)

At 4 pm the party started! We celebrated your big milestone with family and friends at our home! I was thrilled that everyone was able to join and be part of the celebration!

Ms. Breianne; your music together coach, was invited to do a music program for you and your friends! It was a big hit with both kids and adults!

Ms. Breianne sang you a happy birthday song 

and gave you a present!

You were so happy to strum the guitar at the end! :)

After the music program was finished, we cut the cake! I kept the design of the cake simple but added your favorite cho-cho train to it. Don't think you noticed it, but now you can see what it looked like! :)

There was so much joy and love all around. Everyone enjoyed mingling with each other and I loved every bit of it!

Rohit Mamu was the event photographer. It was nice of him to get some shots of us! :)

And now it was time for me to take a picture (or more) of you two! :)

After the party was over the family and some friends was ready for an after party! You were so excited and were up for a large part of it!

It's so much fun when the family is together and it's even more fun when we are together celebrating YOU!

A very happy birthday, again sweetie and a BIG God Bless! I wish you always stay curious, creative and loving with your infectious smile and laugh, just like you are today! :)

A million hugs, kisses and lots and lots of love, today and always! :)


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