Saturday, July 11, 2015

Happy 19 months!

Dear Vir,

You have turned 19 months today. I am sorry, I couldn't do a post for your half birthday last month but I promise I have a lot more to share this time around.

You have grown in a wink of an eye! You are equal parts cuteness and equal parts naughtiness, making it hard for us to discipline you as most of the times when one of us wants to say "No Vir", the other one cracks up and there goes discipline!

You are full of energy, when I say full I mean you are unstoppable. Cars and trucks brighten your eyes. I don't think you notice the trees, flowers and people around you. I have to ask you to look at nature too but I am starting to accept that some things are just how they are. Boys and their love for machines!

There are so many words you say now, like open, eat, aqua (Mariela taught you this and it has stuck with, milk and water are both aqua for you, or at-least they were, now, you do say milk or at-least understand it :) ), up, down, car, truck, more (this you say with a beautiful smile, whenever you like something you are eating and want more of it. We all love it.), book, bye, hi, duck, fish etc. but what started recently was Kabir playing "cops and bad guys"  and reciting the word bad guy and you repeated it right there "bad guy", I hear you say it every now and then now and I smile. :)

You have been enjoying reading books. Bubbles owns up is your favorite amongst some of the Disney Car books, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see? and Little Blue Truck series.

You enjoy playing with cars, trucks, working on puzzles and building legos.

You have been climbing up and down the steps with ease, running super fast, going in circles, climbing tables and chairs....

You know some of your colors and some animal sounds.

You are very independent. You want to feed yourself, push things yourself, put on your shoes yourself. You don't like any interference!

Your toilet training started at 13 months and sometimes you are able to tell when you need to go. It's very impressive. I hope you are trained by the time you turn 2. Here's wishing! :)

Daddy is your most favorite person. You are always very excited to see him and he loves you a lot too.

Recently you traveled to Portland to visit Sumit Mamu, Aman Mami and Chubz. Long flights and super active you, not  a minute of rest but not a whole lot of crying either, lots of running in the aisle and jumping on me and the seat. We survived somehow, both the times! :)

Great trip to Portland, visiting family. The weather was too hot the whole time we were there, so while we couldn't do a lot outside, we would still go out to the nearby coffee shops, water front, any shaded grounds we could find for you and Kabir to run around. When we were home, we were happy enjoying each others company, gorging on some delicious cart food and having a good time.

One day, we visited OMSI and you and K had a blast.

Sumit Mamu also took us to the Nike employee store and shoes were bought for all! It was like you were in a candy store, you have a deep love for shoes and you wanted to try them all!

At home, you know everybody's shoes and you bring the right pair out for the right person and then ask him or her to take you out and you call shoes "ooze". Being outside is your favorite thing. You enjoy playing with the ball, sitting in the car, riding your bike or K's bike or just walking and running. Being outside just makes you happy and when you are in the playground, you want to be all over the place, running, sliding, climbing...doing all kinds of things!

One afternoon, Sumit Mamu, Daddy, Kabir and I also went to the Nike Campus, which I really wanted to see. You were home taking a nap but I took some pictures to share. It's a beautiful campus and I think you will enjoy going there in an year or two.

You and Kabir have enjoyed Nani's company to the fullest, now she is in Portland and you have been asking for her since we got back. She misses you both and sends you and K her love.

Happy Growing up, Vir. To more exciting milestones, lots of learning and having fun.

Like Kabir says I love you double one hundred or some other large number, meaning I love you a lot!

Vir, you are OUR HAPPY and you are LOVED! God Bless you, Sweetie!


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