Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Miss you, Daddy


It's been 6 years today since you left us. Every year, around this time, memories come flashing by.

Tarun and I had moved into our current house on July 12th, 2009. It was a weekend and I had called you. While we were talking, I said to you that now you should plan a trip to us and you said to me "It'll be our pleasure". How those words keep coming to me.

Then on the 15th, I called mom to check how everything was; just a regualr morning ritual to call home while driving to work. There was no response. I reached office, still thinking about you and mom and wondering why there was no response on the phone. I get worried very quickly.

I tried again from the office and mom picked up this time and said you were at the hospital. You had slipped from the steps and there was head injury. How terrified I was. Couldn't focus on work at all,  just thinking about you and the situation. I kept calling to get updates.

When I got home, I just sat praying for hours; praying you'll be fine. You were in coma. I didn't want you to suffer.

There was no internet at home and Tarun had gone to the HOA meeting. I was waiting for him to get back, so I could book my flight to India. When he got back, we started to leave the house to go to our apartment for internet. We were just at the door when Sumit called with the saddest news. Oh, Daddy, how hard it was. I just sat there crying.

Daddy, so many memories that they fill my heart. From you dropping Sumit and me off at the bus stop every morning for school, how you would count to 10 and our school bus would come, buying us books from our school book shop every year, even going to parent-teacher meetings, getting us the most delicious chocolates from Ghaffar Market, the birthday bracelet you gave me, how I still remember it, all the love and affection, how you used to say, my hands were artistic as I had long fingers. My fingers no more look long. :(

I remember your sketching, the magician with his parrot. You sketched so well. I wish I had saved it then.

We just got back from Portland last week. While we were there, one night, Sumit, Aman, Tarun, myself and a couple of friends were taking a walk to the water front and I could see you in Sumit. How he just started a conversation with a passer by very casually, just like you used to do. His cool and casual demeanor, his humbleness, his social side. He has shades of you.

Daddy, do I wish things were different? Most Definitely. Would I trade your love and affection for anything else? NEVER.

I love you, Daddy and I hope you are in a better place looking over us. You are missed and loved. Thank you for always being there for us.

Forever yours,

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