Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mama

My dearest Mama,

I wanted to be the first one to wish you a very happy birthday! On days like today my heart is heavy and my mind is full of memories. Trips to the clock tower to get veggies and stopping for a glass of freshly squeezed juice on the way back, trips to Kamla Nagar from where you would buy me my favorite imported gum from the candy store. Trips to Gaylord for ice cream on Sundays are only a few of the flashbacks I have been having.

Recently, how much I have thought about the bread raita you used to make. Mom made the mango chutney you used to make and I am so glad to have that taste back. I still lick the plate like I used to earlier. It reminds me of you every time I eat it. I have requested for a bigger jar next time. I hope I get it.

Mama, I miss you more than I can tell. I miss the coach you were to me. Please visit me in my dreams and advice me on what I want to know. I want to learn from you even today. I really do.

Mama, I love you dearly and I am so glad to have had you for my grandmother, my friend and my well wisher; someone who genuinely cared for me and understood me. I really miss that someone. 

I am so glad to have had you as part of my life and I am so very glad to have some beautiful memories of our times together that I can cherish and live the rest of my life with. I am so glad to have our stories that I can share with my children.

Thank you for being my mentor, my friend and a very compassionate grandmother, who had the biggest heart and the warmest hugs. I would want nothing more tonight than to see you in my dreams. Please visit me.

Mama, I love you and miss you very much. Thank you for always being there and for your unconditional love. Thank you for being YOU.

Happy Birthday.

With fondest memories,

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