Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's day

Father's day that we just passed on June 19th was a blessing.

We spent it in the company of Dilbagh uncle and Ammi. Dilbagh uncle; a grandfather to me, a great grandfather to Kabir & Vir and an inspiration to many.

Thank you, uncle for all your blessings and love over all these years. I remember you used to say to me "yeh gudiya hai ya chidiya hai?" Love you so much and wish you the best of health and happiness always.

I look forward to repeating this year after year with you and hope to get better UNO games between you, Kabir and Ammi. Hopefully Kabir will stop cheating soon. :)

We missed Tarun but will celebrate again when he is back from India. A hero and a great dad to Kabir and Vir. They look up-to him. Whenever something handy needs to be done, their individual reaction is "My dad can do it". (Tarun is really not that handy but he can put a light bulb! :)) The reaction is still the same nonetheless. It is uncanny how similar they both are to him. The confidence (or over confidence) and fearlessness is unbelievably the same. God bless the trio!

And my dear Daddy, I LOVE you with all my heart and always miss you. Thank you for being a friend first and a father second. Be good. Big hug, Didu!

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