Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy 92!

My dear Mama,

Happy Birthday! You would have turned 92 today.

I think of you each day and my sweetest treasures are my memories of you, some pictures I have of you and your recipes, which I use on a very frequent basis. My most cherished possession is a recipe written in your hand-writing.

This very well could be a recipe Tippi Mama gave you as I remember her making dhokla at our place when she visited one summer. This is super special to me since it is written by you.

Mama, I hope that you are peaceful because there's nothing more I want for you.

Thank you for all your teachings and for all your love. I cherish my time spent with you and could not have asked for a better grandmother who was also my best friend.

Love you so much! A big, big birthday hug and lots of kisses. If only I could walk by you and plant kisses on your cheeks right now.

Miss you so much.

Please watch over me.
Your Gudiya.

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