Friday, June 17, 2016

Last Day

This past Wednesday was the last day of school before summer break but for Kabir, it was the last day of pre-school.

How and when did this happen? Where was I? I remember very vividly when Kabir started at Village Green and now in a blink of an eye, it was time for him to part ways.

Wednesday morning, I walked Kabir to his class.

He had written cards for his teachers and his friends and packed friendship bracelets for them, the night before.

We had a beautiful card giving ceremony, hugs were exchanged.

Then the kids huddled together, smiling and laughing. Kabir looked so happy. I smiled too but my heart was tearing up inside, knowing it was his last day with his friends; in his classroom; with his teachers. Last day as a Ladybug. I felt the pain all day and I still do as I write this today.

Excited for Kabir to start the new phase yet sad that the pre-school years went by way to quickly.

Kabir made such great friends at school and cherishes each and every one of his friendships.  The pictures of Kabir and Grace dancing, Sophia and Kabir hugging, a group hug by Taylor, Rania and Alexa, on his last day melt my heart.

Kabir's time at his very first school has surely ended but there are so many memories that were created here, so many associations made, all of which, we will hold very close to our heart.

I sincerely hope Kabir and his friends will continue to stay in touch through the summer and beyond.

Next school year, Vir will take Kabir's place in the ladybug class. I couldn't be more excited for him!

Love these munchkins to bits! God bless them.

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