Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kindergarten begins for K!

A baby who was born almost five and a half years ago, nurtured and nourished in his home, pre-schooled by the tender care of his teachers has ventured outside the cocoon today.

Ready to learn and see the world differently, ready to explore new things, a new environment, a totally new set of teachers and children. 

Kabir, you are brave. You didn't want the normal from day one, you didn't want to go to the school where your friends were going. At age 5, you knew what you wanted and you made it there all on your own. It's incredible!

I am excited for your journey. My hope is it will be fruitful and you will earn many gifts of knowledge that you will keep with you for the rest of your life. 

Kabir, I wish you the best. May the sky be your limit, may you reach for the stars and may your life speak for itself.

So much had gone in the planning for this big day. I had checklists and all the prep was done much in advance. Yesterday I was cuddling you like there's no tomorrow, my sweet little boy, my pre-schooler was going to be a kindergartner the next day. I was all emotional inside and you knew it and enjoyed all the love that you were getting.

Today morning, you had a late start at school and a short day after that. You woke up, had breakfast, played, got ready and it was time to leave for school but before that, I made sure, we got some pictures! :)

Daddy and I both went to drop you off. When we reached school, you were greeted by your principal Shereen and Dr. G, to whom you gave fist bumps and introduced yourself.

While we waited for your classroom teachers to be ready for you, we met some other teachers; your librarian, your Spanish teacher and your Art teacher.

Soon, we were told that your classroom teachers were ready and we along with the other parents and children walked to your classroom. Guess what we spotted right outside your classroom, your picture with your favorite book's cover! :) What a sweet surprise! :-)

When we walked in the classroom, we met Mrs. Coffin and Ms. Navarro; your two teachers. You gave them both high fives. You looked around the room and tried to spot your cubby. When you saw it, you were so excited, you said "it's like a locker". You put your back pack in your cubby and then you and I walked around to check out the rest of the classroom. Soon, Daddy and I gave you hugs and told you we'll see you soon. A couple of minutes after, I came back to take a picture of your in your new space and I couldn't see you anywhere. I went all around and found you sitting and playing with trucks and trains, with a friend. You didn't even realize I was there! I smiled, took some pictures and left without disturbing you.

Two hours later, we were back to pick you up. We were waiting in the carpool, when you came with 
Ms. Navarro. 

You said bye to her and then came and sat in the car. You told us, you had the best day as you played the whole time. I asked if you had circle time and you said it was supposed to be circle time but you had oval time!

Tomorrow, you go for half-a-day and then from Thursday, the full day starts! You are excitedly waiting for the full day.

I love you Kabir, SO excited for you! I look forward to hearing your stories each day. 

Bear hug,

P.S. Here's a very loving note that came from Nani this morning. Something you and I will want to read as years go by. Stay blessed, my love. The love Nani shares with you and Vir is very special.

"Dearest Kabir 

     Time flies fast . It seems to be  just a little while before  you started  going to  Village Green School . Have you grown wings overnight ? Today  you are all set to go to The Big School . I can visualize you carrying your new school bag , waving bye to Vir & Lupe , excited to sit in your car seat & driving to your new school with Mommy & Daddy . I am blowing you kisses from here & sending love & best wishes . Am confident that you will be a good learner & performer . School is fun , make learning an enjoyable experience . Think big & make your dreams a reality . Arise , awake & achieve ! 
   May you get the best of best !! 

Lots of love , hugs & kisses 

Your friend 
Nani "

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