Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 11: Milan -> New York -> DC

Today was our last day in Milan before catching our evening flight to JFK.

The morning was spent packing while the boys caught some cartoons on TV.

Then decided to walk to cioccolatitaliani; a gelato and chocolate parlor which had great reviews on yelp.

Had to have a gelato before leaving the country and it was so delicious. Tarun had pistachio which was just so flavorful and fresh. I had their Chocolate and Fruit combo which came recommended and was really very good. Kabir who first had his favorite chocolate later wanted the chocolate and fruit combo too! Vir shared with us all! :)

This was not all, believe it or not, our last meal in Italy was Donburi; at a japanese restaurant across from cioccolatitaliani. It was such a refreshing meal. Tarun and I love japanese food and are always up for sushi. So, this was a fitting!

We walked back to our apartment. Our luggage was packed and left for the airport around 1:30 pm.

We flew Emirates for the first time and what a great experience we had. Super spacious aircraft, great crew and service.

We landed at JFK at 7:30pm only to realize our connecting flight was late. At that hour, it was a terrible news and when we finally made it back home, it felt so good!

We are excited to be back and settle in our routines thinking back the great time we had on our trip. 

I just need to close my eyes and see the mountains and the lake embracing our residence in Bellagio. So beautiful! We will surely miss the time we had, the places we visted and the experiences we shared.

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