Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 5: Zurich -> Lugano -> Bellagio

Today, after breakfast at our hotel we picked up the rental car from the Zuruch airport and drove to Lugano. 

The drive was breathtaking! Lovely mountains with waterfalls. Cattle and sheep farms along the way. It was beautiful wherever one looked.

With the kids sleeping at the back, it felt very peaceful both inside and out. 

We were  in awe of the beauty and didn't even realize how fast the time went and we were in Lugano.

We made a few stops along the way to admire the views a bit closer and get some pictures. 

The drive in Lugano was rather steep and curvy on single lane road with two way traffic. The place is gorgeous! Vines growing in houses. Lush green mountains and the beautiful Lugano lake.

We had a transfer booked to Bellagio for 4:30 pm but by the time we reached the car drop off it was past 5:00 pm and our driver was waiting.

He drove us to Bellagio which was about 1.5 hours from Lugano and as we reached the lake como area, suddenly the traffic scene on the roads went from normal to crazy.

When we reached our residence, Villa de Sogni in Bellagio, we were stunned by both the property itself and the drop dead gorgeous views from the residence.

I knew this was going to be good since this was via Inspirato but I didn't know it was going to be this good.

Kabir was super excited about the pool and Vir was happy to have a place to run around!

Stefano, our point of contact here, nwas waiting for us at the residence to give us the tour and the keys. 

The kitchen was stocked with the requested grocery items and more. There was even pizza for dinner, which was perfect!

After dinner, Tarun and I put the kids to bed after their night time routine and got to work...laundry! After everything was done,  Tarun and I sat on our deck enjoying prosecco and soaking in the peace and beauty of the place, wishing we had our family and friends with us to enjoy with.

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