Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 7: Bellagio

Today we didn't have much of an agenda for the morning. Our plan was to sleep in and relax at the villa. However, Vir had different plans. He woke up even before 6:30 am. I tried to ignore it for a bit thinking he might go back to sleep but then decided to check on him and we were up!

Soon Kabir joined too. After breakfast in the kitchen for the boys, we just sat chit-chatting and soon Tarun was up too.

I did some work on my blog but really felt like I needed some more rest, so while the three boys were occupied on TV I caught some rest and woke up to this!

It was great to see the sun out and the kids enjoying the pool, as much as they could, given that the water was very cold. Kabir had been eager to get in the pool since the day we arrived so he was super excited.

We later hung out in the recreation room playing fooseball and wii!

Behind the rec room is a huge wine cellar. 

Soon it was time for us lunch reservation at at Babayaga, where we enjoyed delicious pizzas! 

At 2 pm, we met our tour guide, Rita who gave us a walking tour of Bellagio. I thought our tour today was exceptional. Rita was fabulous, great with kids and showed us places, we otherwise would not have visited.

We really enjoyed visiting the gardens of Villa Melzi.

Rita picked figs from her neighbor's yard with Kabir and we all enjoyed fresh figs while walking around Bellagio.

At the end of the tour we visited some shops and then went for Wine Tasting at Enoteca. 

It was a great day of relaxation and siteseeing.

I am loving Bellagio. The people, the simplicity, the hospitality and of course the food and the vistas!

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