Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 8: Fabulous Forty!

Today, Tarun turned 40! I was recalling that when I first met Tarun, he was 24. How much we have grown together!

We kept the day simple yet tried to make it special for Tarun. We spent our morning outside enjoying the beautiful space and views over coffee and fruits for breakfast.

Brunch is our favorite meal of the day. Since we were celebrating today, I had planned for a chef to come and prepare brunch for us at our residence, so we could enjoy a relaxed meal comfortably with the kids.

While the brunch was being prepared, we kept ourselves busy doing fun things! The day was overcast, yet the views were beautiful.

It was a big spread and I sure was ready for a nap after it. However, the birthday boy was in a different mood. He'd read about a bikers church in the area; Madonna del Ghisallo, that he wanted to visit, so we went there instead.

It was different but not extraordinary. A small church with bikes hanging close to the ceiling.

I wanted to take Tarun to Alle Darsene for a cake so decided to go after visiting the church. Kids who had been sleeping in the car were now up. We decided to just sit outside and enjoy the casual atmosphere over cake and coffee, while the kids played freely. It was perfect. 

The kids were happy and so were we! 

The cake for Tarun was really a Tiramisu, which is delicious at Alle Darsene! This is surely my favorite restaurant in town amongst the ones we have tried. While they were all pretty good, this one's a winner in my books.

After coffee and cake, we enjoyed our time just sitting on the steps outside the restaurant, watching the boats and soaking in the gorgeous view.

We spent some time in the town, one last time...Kabir had his favorite chocolate Gelato and we came back to the house for a relaxing evening. We played, Tarun enjoyed a sauna and I even did more laundry!

We had a babysitter booked for tonight, so Tarun and I could go out for dinner by ourselves. The babysitter was lovely. She came with 2 bags full of toys! The boys were super excited and we were at ease.

Tarun and I had a great time dining at Mistral, in Villa Sorbelloni.  It was a relaxing evening with some great live music playing in the background, good food and impeccable service.

The hotel has some exquisite views of the Lake. I can only imagine how gorgeous this place would be during the day.

It was nice to be here in Bellagio to celebrate Tarun and his special day! To more such celebrations, good health, happiness and love, all life long! Stay young Tarun, stay curious and keep spreading your love for knowledge! We love you! Happy Birthday! 

Today, is our last day in Bellagio. We leave for Milan tomorrow morning. What an amazing stay we've had!

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