Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 9: Bellagio -> Milan

Our last day in Bellagio. Oh! How much we enjoyed soaking in the view while sipping coffee and eating breakfast outside, watching our children picking berries from the bushes!

It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed whatever time we had left, spending it outdoors.

We were all packed and there was much anticipation to go to one of the fashion capitals.

Stefano and his colleague arrived at the appointed time to help us checkout and our car transfer arrived shortly after.

11 A.M and we were on our way to Milan.

As we reached closer, I could see so much of Delhi even in the outskirts of the city. Flats like the DDA flats back home with clothes hanging from the clotheslines. Graffiti painted over walls. It all felt familiar. I felt closer to home.

Soon we reached and checked into our Airbnb apartment, which was spectacular! 

We had tickets for Last Supper for 2:45 pm, so we mapped out the directions on Google maps which said 23 mins by walk. We freshened up and started our walk, not sure how but we took the very first turn wrong and there we were in the part of the city that was filthy with dirt and impression of the city went all downhill.

It was really crowded and there were too many smokers, giving me a headache. We walked a lot trying to get to Santa Maria delle Grazie where Leonardo da Vinci painted the painting, but at that point we had lost our way and were way too far to reach on foot. Finally we hailed a cab and reached the church but late.

Since we were late, we were asked to wait some and later allowed to go in and view the painting in silence, only if our boys understood the silence part!

It was spectacular, it felt like we were experiencing it live. One is just drawn to the Christ and hardly notices the other details till one really looks.

After our short tour ended, we waited to see what to do next or where to eat. It was late afternoon and some of us were starving! Not many restaurants were serving food at that time and the pollution, the smoking and the dust were causing Kabir's asthma to flare up and my headache was getting stronger. 

We decided to get back to our apartment.While walking back we crossed the majestic Duomo.

That place felt so much better. The arcades by the side of Duomo reminded me of Cannaught Place in Delhi.

We reached our apartment thinking may be we will walk back to Duomo after some food and rest but we were all too tired. We had pizza for dinner and decided to just stay and recover.

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