Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 6: Bellagio

This morning, I was up, just lying down in bed when I heard Kabir come downstairs from his room. I opened the door for him. We lay together in bed for a few minutes and then went outside. Ofcourse, he wanted to go to the pool!

It was raining but the views were still gorgeous. I took pictures of our residence both from the outside and the inside.

It was a perfect day to stay in and relax but we had a private boat tour booked of the central lakes to Villa Balbianello; where some movies like Star Wars, Casino Royale etc. have been shot.

We got ready to meet our tour guide, who was waiting for us. The boat took us along the coast line of Lake Como. We passed some beautiful villas on the lake, making our way to Villa Balbianello, where we toured the villa which is now a museum and also visited its gardens.

At the end of our tour, we had lunch at Alle Darsene di Loppia; a fine dining restaurant. Vir was having his worst meltdown at that time, so we requested a table which was a bit further from their actual dining room so we don't disturb their other guests. They were able to honor our request.

The food was heavenly. Kabir enjoyed his pasta in the fresh tomato sauce. I had white truffle spaghetti and Tarun enjoyed the tasting menu. Vir shared with everyone. He enjoys complex flavors in food and we feel very pleased that he likes to try everything. We all enjoyed each bite of our meal. 

We shared the Tiramisu that Tarun got for dessert. I have never eaten Tiramisu such as that. It came with a small scoop of berry gelato, which was so fresh; again nothing like the Gelato I had eaten before. We were in food heaven. The Latte Macchiato at the end was also unbelievably good! 

We came out fans of the restaurant already talking about going again!

After lunch, we sat outside the steps to the boat house just enjoying the sun that was now out.

Later, we drove to the town of Bellagio. With the sun out, it was a perfect day for strolling in town. 

I found the town to be very charming. The views were exceptional and I enjoyed walking on the side walks, passing by the restaurants and the boutique stores, walking in the narrow alleys with traffic passing by. It was like I was back home in Delhi; certain parts of it reminded me of my home town.

We later stopped for Gelato at Gelateria del Borg,  known to serve the best Gelato in town. The four of us shared a chocolate and a mango gelato and they were both really good.

We then decided to come back to our Villa. Kids slept in the car. When we reached, I checked on the laundry, captured some pictures in the sunlight and then we decided to go back in town, so the kids could continue to sleep some more during the car ride.

We ate dinner at Bilacus, which is located at the top of Serbelloni steps. We sat outside. The weather was pleasant and the food was again exceptionally good.

The kids are now showered and in bed. It's past mid night and Tarun and I are also ready to crash!

The weather shows no rain tomorrow with the high in the 60s! Looking forward to another day at this beautiful place!

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